Contract Disputes

42 years of experience

Lower fees than lawyers with similar

Limited number of cases accepted so
every client gets sufficient attention

Family Wealth Planning

No hourly fees: You know what you’re
paying from the outset

In depth explanation and counseling
so that the plan fits your needs

More than document prep: we stay
with you as your life and plan evolve

Contact me for a Family Wealth Planning Session if…

  • You need to provide for a very small estate (wills)
  • You want to keep your family out of court, send your assets to the right people in a way that they will be protected, avoid family conflicts after your death, protect your family if you are incapacitated, and generally gain peace of mind about your family’s future (trust-based estate)
  • You want protection for your assets while you are alive (irrevocable trusts, business succession planning)
  • You want to protect your kids from CPS and their being turned over to the wrong person, and to keep your family out of court, in the event you and your mate pass suddenly (Kids Protection Plan)
  • Future protection and income for your child with special needs. (special needs trust)

Contact me for Contract Dispute Consultation if…

  • Someone violates an agreement with you (breach)
  • Someone lies to you when you are relying on the truth from them (fraud)
  • You need someone to perform their side of the agreement (specific performance)
  • Someone has denied you the primary benefit of the agreement and you want to unwind it (rescission)
  • The other side takes unfair advantage of you (bad faith)
  • Someone deprives you of possession of something that rightfully belongs to you (conversion)

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    What Our Clients Say

    • We can't express how grateful we are for your help. We honestly are very happy with the outcome and are amazed at the way you handled everything. It also meant a lot to us that you were actually getting angry in the trial today....it shows that you were really fighting for us and cared about us. Thank you once again for your hard work and diligence!
      Alex and Mindy Ly
    • "I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for everything you have done for our family through this very difficult time. When we were faced with these legal issues, we really didn't know what to do. When we retained you, we had an immediate sense of relief. Your knowledge and honesty throughout the process was great. We would recommend that anyone facing any legal issue retain your service. We truly believe that there is not a better attorney out there with the honesty and integrity that you showed us throughout. Thanks again."
      Nick Crisci
    • "I hired Steve Rensch for his knowledge of contracts. He was then exposed to trust, both probate and non-probate, and dealt with the problem with fresh eyes demonstrating his eagerness to delve into new areas of the law. Based on the totality of circumstances of the case, we achieved the best possible outcome. It is my intent to keep him retained as my personal attorney and consultant." Doug Carpa, Tempe, private trustee
      Doug Carpa, Tempe, private trustee
    • "Thank you very much for your efforts. I really appreciate that you decided to work on this case for me." Tamera Sims, Phoenix, appeal of eviction judgment
      Tamera Sims
    • “I first want to thank you for all that you have done for us.  We appreciate your services and it was money well spent. Barry & Sandra Hankerson”
      Barry and Sandra Hankerson